Fertility services and IVF clinics in Auckland

Fertility Plus Auckland


Fert+ is IVF clinic based in Auckland. It is a part of a public health system and belongs to Auckland District Health Board. Fertility Plus offers privately and publicly funded treatment.

A friendly team at fertility plus offer what may look like cheapest prices for IVF in Auckland. However, every time you go for a consultation or procedure, you may see a different doctor. They are not providing the same service and continuity that Fertility Associates and Repromed are able to provide.

You can find more information about Fertility plus including prices here.

Repromed IVF clinic in Auckland


Repromed consists of a small team in Auckland. Repromed pride themselves to offer the highest quality of personalised private fertility care. Repromed offer IVF and all other standard reproductive treatments. Being a small team helps them to offer more personalised care.

Repromed now accepts both publicly and privately funded treatment patients. You will find more information on their website.

Fertility Associates in vitro fertilisation


Fertility Associates have been helping NZ families since 1987. They are very proud to say that over 14,000 kiwi babies have been born with their assistance.

The Fertility Associates team of reproductive specialists, Dr Richard Fisher and Dr Freddie Graham were the very first to introduce IVF to NZ. They now have IVF clinics based in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch, and satellite clinics in the wider regions.

Fertility Associates are renown to be punctual, efficient and effective. You can find more information, including treatment options, consultation and in vitro fertilisation prices, on FA website.


Among complementary therapies, Acupuncture wins the crown for having most scientific support to improve fertility. Herbal medicine and supplements are other therapies to consider.

Acupuncture ivf auckland

Dr Vitalis Acupuncture Auckland

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective at improving the IVF success rate in a number of studies. Dr Vitalis Acupuncture is offering acupuncture at all IVF clinics on the day of embryo transfer. Learn more about acupuncture here: Dr Vitalis Acupuncture Auckland.

Herbal medicines and supplements are often the first natural solution women reaching out for. Herbs are natural and are perceived to be safe. Supplements are also perceived to be safe. But if you’re undergoing in vitro fertilisation, do discuss them with your specialist before you decide to take anything, even when it is prescribed by a qualified practitioner. Learn more about fertility herbs.

Infertility Counsellor

Megan Downer


Infertility Counsellor – Megan Downer

Megan is a professional and qualified counsellor with over a decade of experience working in Fertility.

She offers private counselling in Auckland for those couples and individuals, who feel they need support and ways of coping with their journey of infertility or pregnancy loss.

While all Fertility Clinics provide a counselling service this is often limited to two sessions per cycle before being required to pay. Megan is able to offer prompt, regular, long or short term counselling outside of the clinic setting if this is preferred.

For more information about Megan’s counselling services please see her website.